Thanks for taking our survey. By doing so, you will be added to our drawing for a free party for up to 8 people. Please link to our past events gallery to see pictures of your event.

Overall, how entertaining was the event? (required)
Had a freakin' blast!It was funSo-soEhhYawnPrefer not to say

Do you feel you received value for the cost? (required)
Would have paid moreWell worth itAbout rightA little pricyIt was a rip off!I plead the fifth

How likely are you to host a Mobile Masterpieces event in the future? (required)
Yes! Sign me up now!Yes, but later.I would consider it.Slight possibilityI'd rather jump into a river full of piranhas!

Was the event length too long, too short or about right? (required)
Thought I'd never get out of there!A bit longJust about rightToo shortDid I blink?

What art project did you do? (required)

How suitable was the art project? (required)
Who do you think I am, Picasso?Challenging but doable.About right for me.Easy but still fun.You think I am a kindergartner?

What did you like best about the event? (required)

What did you like the least about the event or what improvements are warranted? (required)

We are considering offering picture framing at the end of the event. For a nice frame, what price point would you be willing to pay for a 16 x 20 canvas? Higher price points would be frames of higher quality.
No, don't offer framing.Up to $20Up to $25Up to $30Up to $35More than $35

Would you recommend a Mobile Masterpieces event to your friends?
You betcha!MaybeWhen pigs fly!

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Would you like us to contact you about any concerns?
Darn Tootin'!Naw, it's okay.

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