Mobile Masterpieces, LLC offers after-school programs for public and private institutions.

Our after-school program is a weekly 90-minute session focused on an element of fine art. Elements include value, color theory, figure to ground relationships, use of shapes and lines, drawing from life, and pattern. Lessons are tied to a particular artistic skill, historically significant artist’s style, or an individual artistic medium.

Instructors use the EDGE teaching method; explaining the project, demonstrating the process, and guiding the students through the parts of the project, enabling them to finish. Media include graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, and acrylic on paper or boards. Projects involve multiple steps, and some of the painting projects are done over two class periods. All projects help students grow their perception and application of artistic principles.

We will attend your school’s orientation to acquaint parents with our after-school program.  Parents link to our website to register for the program each semester and pay through the website.  Cost per 15-week semester is $299. This includes all art supplies and instruction. An agreed upon percentage of this fee is paid to the school for use of the facility. We can also develop a more skills intensive program with longer classes for older students, focusing on realistic drawing and paintings skills, and creative abstraction.  Please tell us if you are interested.

Our instructors are required to pass an annual police background check.  If your school has other personnel requirements, please advise us.